CV Packages


Exclusive packages for employers to view and download candidate CVs to get to know more about them.


Candidate CVs Download Package
  • Access to 2 CVs download for free
  • Package expiry time 10 days
  • C.V displayed for 10 days


Candidate CVs Download Package
₹10.00 only
  • Access to 20 CVs download
  • Package expiry time 30 days
  • C.V displayed for 30 days

What We Have

We have database of candidate's CVs that will help recruiters to choose the right fit.

  • CV Search

    Over the years David worked as General Physician with several hospitals and has a good track record. At present in search for a job.

  • Recruiter Profiles

    Mark is recruiter who downloaded and seen David's CV along with other shortlisted applicants. After going through all the CVs Mark is confirmed that David is the right and most eligible candidate for this job.

  • Choose a right fit

    Mark got a right fit while David got a dream job.